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    The outside diameter of a tube, pipe or other object. Also abbreviated "OD".


    On Board Diagnostics - a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability.  OBD systems give the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the status of the various vehicle subsystems.  A basic OBD system consists of an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which uses input from various sensors (e.g., oxygen sensors) to control the actuators (e.g., fuel injectors) to get the desired performance. The “Check Engine” light, also known as the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light), provides an early warning of malfunctions to the vehicle owner. A modern vehicle can support hundreds of parameters, which can be accessed via the DLC (Diagnostic Link Connector) using a device called a scan tool.


    Referred to by automotive repair technicians as any pre-OBD-II diagnostic system.  A 1991 and later California standard.  It is not a USA Federal Standard.


    An upgrade to OBD-I, it has been mandatory for all cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. since 1996. OBD-II uses standardized Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and component definitions.  If your car/light truck supports OBD-II you'll find a Data Link Connector (DLC) within 2 feet of the steering wheel.


    One Wheel Peel

    Spinning only one of the drive wheels during a burnout due to the vehicle not having a limited slip locking differential such as; Positraction, Trac-Lok, Sure Grip or Detroit Locker.



    Greasy/oily substance you tend to wipe off with your finger Has a pasty consistency. Usually has dirt or some kind of particles for texture.


    Kinda like shming but more sooty. For example, A spark plug that has been carbon fouled is shmutzed. A spark plug that is oil fouled has shming.


    A vapor that leaves shming or shmutz deposits.


    Used when a customer/friend/non-car person wants to blame the mechanic for a problem.  "Sinzyou added washer fluid my transmission is shot, my brakes locked, my engine burns oil etc...".


    Changing parts randomly, like a shotgun method of repair.

    “Scope on a Rope”

    Low tech test light which is used to determine the presence of electricity (voltage) in a piece of equipment under test.


    Stupid Scanner Trick


    (abbreviated from "skate-hitching", pron: /ˈskɪtʃɪŋ/) is the act of hitching a ride by holding onto a motor vehicle while riding on a skateboard, roller skates, bicycle, or sneakers when there is snowfall.



    Pure F#@&ing Magic


    Potentiometer.  A manually adjustable variable resistor typically used to control the voltage of a circuit.


    Randomized, out of sync.

    Parts Canon

    When trying to fix an automotive problem, instead of diagnosing the system correctly and changing only the parts that are needed, the person working on the car replaces ALL the parts relevant (and sometimes irrelevant) to the repair, hoping something he/she replaced will fix the problem.  See "Swizted".


    Parameter IDs - are codes used to request data from a vehicle, used as a diagnostic tool. In plain English, "line of scan data".


    Powertrain Control Module - Typically, a combination of an ECM (Engine Control Module) and a TCM (Transmission Control Module). This controls a vehicle's powertrain.

    Pucker Factor
    The degree of fear experienced in a dangerous situation; an element of fear or danger. The term refers to the tightening of the sphincter caused by extreme fear. The term applies only to an individual's response in a crisis situation; it does not pertain to an individual's stress levels outside of a crisis context. Pucker factor (PF) is usually quantified on a scale of 1 to 10.



    Undisclosed Location.  Also known as C.F. - Cluster F#@k and Monastery.


    Difficult if not impossible to get.





    Another form of gunk or shmutz.  You know when you see it because you jump back in horror and say "GAK!!!"


    Italian Tune-Up

    That's when you take a car out (any car) and drive the sh#t out of it to clear the carbon and schming that's built up in the engine. Hard power take-offs and high speed passes are totally acceptable when doing this service for a friend or customer....and it usually works too!


    The inside diameter of a tube, pipe or other object.  Also abbreviated "ID".



    a person with no personality or smarts. Literally, a cucumber, in Italian dialect.


    An element not found on the periodic table. a crappy metal or plastic substance made in China in the manufacture of Chinese exports.


    Cluster F#@k.  See U.D.

    CAN bus

    Controller Area Network - a vehicle bus standard designed to allow electronic control units, or ECUs (e.g., brake, engine, electronic fuel injection, automatic gear box, anti-lock braking system (ABS))and more to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a central computer. The major change we saw in CAN technology was the integration of individual control modules (that act like switching relays). Now, instead of running heavy gauge wires to load bearing components like door window motors, locks and power seats, much smaller gauge wires are run from the control module to the device, saving money & weight...but adding changes to the way these components get diagnosed.



    Breaking down, degrading due to age.


    A device you use to disseminate information.  An example is the computer on Star Trek that they put the colored blocks of wood in.

    Diagnostic Dice

    Diagnostic Dice is the new novelty product from Creative Dice that has mechanics laughing from coast to coast! These simple but very entertaining dice offer diagnostic solutions to your vehicle repair nightmares and are the brainchild of a professional mechanic in California who made up the first set as a gag for some friends. The Diagnostic Dice generated such an incredible amount of interest and attention from so many people,some as far away as Michigan and Florida that he decided to have professional quality dice made up and offer them for sale to the public.


    Danger Drive

    Taking a vehicle out for a "test drive" before, during and/or after a repair or sale.  When systems such as brakes, steering or fuel systems are questionable.


    Door Control Module


    Diagnostic Trouble Code - These codes are used to describe where an issue is occurring on the vehicle and are defined by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). These codes, can either be generic or unique to the vehicle manufacturer.

    dtc code logic


    Data Link Connector - a 16-pin connector that can tell you which protocl your car communicates with, depending on which pins are populated (connected) in it.

    j1962f type a



    Cylindrical lining (sleeve) used for limiting the size of a bore, reducing friction and wear, supporting load, and/or serving as a guide. Mechanically, a bushing is identical to a bearing except that it is usually a one-part device whereas a bearing may have two or more parts.


    A car that you drive regularly for work, school, etc.  Also know as a "driver", "daily" or "station" (take to the train station) car.

    Big Dumb Machine

    or the old Standard Bluestreak Diagnostic Monitor scan tool.  Joe D. and others at Standard Motors used the diagnostic tool.


    Body Control Module - The module that controls vehicle body features, such as power windows, power seats, etc.



    Wiggle Test

    A Ford diagnostic test that helps identify loose connections or intermittent failures in components or circuits.

    Because most Fords have dozens of connectors (so they can use the same harness for many different cars and trucks) with short pieces of harness between them and it presents the possibility of a loose connection causing a computer system problem.

    The procedure is simple: You put the computer into a special mode, where it looks for momentary glitches, and then wiggle the harness, shake the connectors, tap on sensors and switches. You can even apply heat to components, to see if they have a problem after they get hot.



    See U.D. and/or C.F.


    Malfunction Indicator Light or Check Engine Light (CEL)  or Check Money Light (CML)

    Mother Switzer's Convertible Top Soap

    In an effort to clean the white convertible top on Chris' Buick Electra, Chris concocted a homemade cleaner (don't try this at home). It was so strong, the wax finish on the paint came right off. However, it did clean the white convertible top (some say it could be seen from outer space).

    Chris Switzer 68 Electra 07



    Engine Control Module - This controls the actuators of the engine, affecting things like ignition timing, air to fuel ratios and idle speeds.


    Engine/Electronic Control Unit - the ECU can refer to a single module or a collection of modules.  These are the brains of the vehicle.  The monitor and control many functions of the car.  These can be standard from the manufacturer, reprogrammable, or have the capability of being daisy-chained for multiple feature.  Tuning features on the ECU can allow the user to make the engine function at various performance levels and various economy levels.  On new cars, these are typically microcontrollers.


    Electronic Brake Control Module - This controls and reads data from the anti-lock braking system (ABS).




    Real Time Vulcanizing, for example: gasket sealer.



    Transmission Control Module - This module handles the transmission, including items like transmission fluid temperature, throttle position, and wheel speed.


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