Last Updated: 30 December 2020

01 93 Chrysler LeBaron Summer of 2019

 02 93 Chrysler LeBaron Summer of 2019
This car was purchased back in the summer of 2019 and about five minutes up the road from where I live. It had fairly low mileage, but needed some work. This pic was taken the day it was brought home.

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Last Updated: 30 December 2020

1 69 Chrysler 300 30 year slumber
30 Year Slumber
Here is how I found the car in March of 2019, sitting in a garage on the north shore of Long Island with junk everywhere around it. The registration on the windshield showed it had not be registered in about 30 years. It took a good amount of ‘coaxing’ with a three pound sledge to free up two of the four stuck wheels.

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Last Updated: 13 December 2020
Here is a '79 Fiat Spyder that followed Ray home back in May of '04.

Check out that Four-Banger!!!

From this angle, the interior doesn't look too bad - but we all agreed that the top looked a lot better in the down position.

Yep, Ray had his work cut out for him on this one. . .We here at MotorMouth Radio will keep you posted on the developments.

Last Updated: 13 December 2020

Rebuilding the gutted interior w/ new carpet, but who ever expected to find (rotted out) fuel lines running through the cockpit?

You can't say Italian car designers lack a sense of humor!!

Practicing my aluminum forming techniques, hard line bending, and rust repair.

The dark black spots are POR-15 rust encapsulator

Close up of the Italian psycho-therapy called metal forming!

"If I had a hammer. . . "!

All repairs done, 5 hole steering wheel mounted on a 6 hole hub, and half the carpet in place.

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Last Updated: 13 December 2020

Since my Triumph TR6 is giving me fits. . .I've decided to really abuse myself with this. . .

It's an '84 Vette with that dopey 4+3 stick shift. . .and a bad reverse gear!

This should be fun. . .yessirree!!

84 Corvette

If that's not bad enough. . .how about this:

It's a '90 Pontiac Sunbird with a leaky top, and a beaming orange "Check Engine" light

I need my head examined. . .

90 Pontiac Sunbird

At least I can drive to the disco in this:

It's a '77 Cadillac Seville that my Dad forgot that he owned for about twelve years. . .

"Get that thing outa my garage!!" he said, while stuffing the title in my pants pocket.

77 Cadillac Seville

. . . and always remember:

It's gotta get ugly, before it gets beautiful!

Triumph TR6


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